All About Pool Coping

One of the things a homeowner will choose when they are building or remodeling their pool is the pool coping. 

The pool coping is the edge cap which sits on the pool shell. The swimmer's foot is on the pool coping.

The pool coping is the edge cap which sits on the pool shell. The swimmer's foot is on the pool coping.

Pool coping is the top edge of the pool wall and the edge cap which surrounds a pool. It often slopes away from the pool to prevent debris and other items from entering the pool. Usually made from stone, concrete, or brick, it often pouring on top of the edge of the pool form or shell and creates a lip at the top of the pool. If you’re sitting on the side with your feet in the pool, you’re probably sitting on the coping. 

The edge of coping can be a rolled, bullnose, or a natural edge, depending on the materials used. The pool coping delineates the margin between the deck and the pool itself. There are generally three points which need to be addressed when one chooses pool coping: price, safety, and looks.


The cost of coping varies with material, and while there is no doubt that the budget is a crucial factor, no one wants a beautiful pool and deck with an ugly coping, especially if it’s poorly installed and ends up cracking. But there is a wide range of pricing in materials, so we tell people to look for what they love, but keep an eye on the price tag.

Concrete is the most commonly used coping material. Brick pavers are sometimes used, mainly if pavers are already present on the grounds when the pool is built or remodeled. Natural stone is a gorgeous choice if a homeowner wants to go higher end. 


In addition to repairing coping if it cracks or becomes damaged, another safety consideration is in choosing the right color. In the Valley, lighter colors are essential because dark colors absorb the heat from the sun and can get blisteringly hot.



In addition to the material and color used, the look of coping is also determined by the deck and the pool tile. Congruity of elements is essential for the builder to be able to achieve the beautiful look a homeowner wants with their pool. 

A pool can have more than one type of coping, for example, if a homeowner wants to use natural stone as some of the coping and then textured concrete for the rest. Every pool is different, but the point is that during the creation of something like a pool, stretching the imagination a little can make a huge difference in the result.

Since a family will be living with the pool for a long time, it’s worth spending a little extra time to consider the coping options, so the final product is one everyone will enjoy. Let our experts help.

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