Water Features for Your Pool

Some water feature options for pools have been with us for a long time--others are new. Fifty years ago, a single aerator sprayer or a kidney-shaped pool being de rigueur for the classiest of pools. But things have changed, and the water features offered have come a long way. Here are a few water features a pool owner might consider when they decide to upgrade or remodel their pool.

Natural stone waterfalls

Natural stone waterfalls touch our hearts on several levels. Not only do they offer a playful visual, but the sound of soothing water in motion across rock appeals to the naturalist in all of us. Add a few palm trees, asparagus or foxtail ferns,  and tiki torches, and the pool becomes a scene right out of a movie.

Sheer waterfalls


A sheer waterfall is much more formal than a natural stone waterfall. The water often comes from between bricks or tiles in a shear wall, and it can be had with or without lights.  Sheer waterfalls are sometimes arranged in multiples, or with one directly above and backset from another.

Why we like them: small space and soothing sound.

Spa spillways or mini spillways

Nothing will increase the elegance of your pool/spa combo like a spillway or a series of mini spillways. In addition to keeping the spa cleaner, a spa spillway becomes an architecturally beautiful focal point. Bonus idea: an infinity spillway featuring tile.


It used to be an aerator was the top-drawer water feather for a pool.

It used to be an aerator was the top-drawer water feather for a pool.

A water fountain or fountains in or alongside your pool with a spillway is a growing trend in the pool water feature world. A homeowner can work with the size and style, and choose a theme which is exactly right for their home and landscaping.


We’ve already mentioned tiki torches, but the pool owner can also add bowls of lava rock, a fire pit or fireplace beside a pool to ramp up the romance factor of a pool or hot tub.  Because even here in Arizona, sitting in a heated pool at night can get a little nippy in the winter months.

Other features

Stone or wood benches, glitter grout, statues, tiles, lights, and plants can have an enormous impact on a pool setting. A pool is always the centerpiece of a backyard area, so giving some thought to the features it has is a worthwhile investment in time and money.

Some water features shouldn't be used with pools. This is a good example. 

Some water features shouldn't be used with pools. This is a good example. 

Choosing how you will design your pool is also one of the ways to create an oasis of joy out of an ordinary pool. If you want a new look for your pool or spa, we can help build it. We hope this has offered you some ideas, or maybe you have thoughts of your own.

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