Pool Management During Monsoon Season


Monsoons greet Valley residents every year with howling walls of dust and debris, followed by torrential rains and flash flooding. From June 15th to September 30th, which is now the ‘official monsoon period’, we can expect to be periodically hammered by violent weather, which means our pools need some special care before and after monsoon storms. Today, we’re going to talk about ways you can manage your pool during monsoon season.

Don’t cover

It might seem incongruous, but covering your pool during a monsoon may do more harm than good.  While there is a definite likelihood that your pool will be affected by blowing dirt and detritus, it’s also possible that your cover could be damaged by wind or by falling branches or flying building materials. Fishing anything off of the cover, especially if it lands out of reach, will make a homeowner wish the cover wasn’t there.  So, leave it off.

Pack up the pool gear


In addition to storing all pool toys and other items, a homeowner really needs to ‘batten down the hatches’ with regard to objects which might have the potential to fly in the winds. These include patio furniture, shade screens, awnings, or anything that can easily be torn off or moved across the yard by high winds. We’ve seen roofs torn from mobile homes and land 100 feet away. While most storms aren’t that bad, take a long, hard look at anything that might fly and secure or store it in a shed or the garage until the storm has passed.

Trim tree branches

Flying branches, especially those which are already dead or too close to the pool before the storm hits, can be a definite hazard. While now is not the ideal time of year to trim trees, if there is a badly overhanging branch, it might be best to trim it anyway. 

Cut the power

If the monsoon is particularly intense, cut the power and wait until the storm has passed before turning the pool back on. Monsoons can be vigorous, but don’t usually last long. Running the pump with a clogged skimmer basket will damage it.

After the storm

Immediately after the storm, the following checklist can be used as a guide to get the pool back in order:

  • Skim the leaves from the surface of the pool 
  • Check the skimmer and skimmer basket, pump basket and filters for debris
  • Return the water level to normal if it’s overfilled
  • Backwash the filter. If you have to disassemble it for cleaning, do so.
  • Test the pH 
  • Shock and clean as needed

Run the pump for longer periods during monsoon season in order to keep the pool as clean as possible. 

As always, a pool maintenance specialist is the easiest way to provide ongoing, quality care for your pool during the monsoon season. Since many residents are on vacation during monsoon season, consider hiring a pool care pro, who can offer your pool the care it may need while you’re away.

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