Winter is the Perfect Time for Repairs and Upgrades

Everyone wants a beautiful pool. Happy swimmers, endless golden days floating on rafts, and the laughter of friends grace our summers. Since we’re coming to the end of the year, it’s a good time to reflect on the past pool season and how we can enhance that experience in the coming summer, and then act. Because now is the perfect time to make those repairs and upgrades that need to be done.

Replace old parts


Maybe the pool is an older one, and some of the components are tired, worn out, or simply dated. Meeting with a pool pro to discuss some options can give a homeowner ideas for upgrades and improvements which simply weren’t available at the time the pool was installed.

The perfect time to act

Since pool owners don’t generally use their pool in winter, having the pool out of commission for the duration of the repair time won’t pose an inconvenience for swimmers. Lower temperatures also mean that algae and bacteria won’t proliferate if, for example, the homeowner decides to upgrade the pool pump.

Low water costs

If a pool owner has been putting off an acid wash, having it done now will mean the overall water bill will be lower if the home is on a tiered water payment plan. Some people even split the refill time between billing cycles so their water usage isn’t bumped into the next tier.

Easy scheduling

Any remodeling work a pool owner would like to have done by a pool pro will be a breeze to schedule, since many pool pros aren’t dealing with a heavy maintenance schedule and emergency services. A customer can pretty much have their pick of the time to schedule, which is especially handy if they want something like a fountain or new tile added.

Prepare for summer

If the pool needs a new deck or replastering, the cost of materials is a little cheaper, too, since demand isn’t quite as high as it is in the spring and summer. Who doesn’t like saving a little money in the process of a pool improvement?

By the time the early part of the season rolls around, all of the repairs, upgrading and remodeling will be done. Swimmers will be free to enjoy a freshly renovated, upgraded pool without unfinished business to interfere.

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