Water Safety: Some Coming Events Safe Summer/Verano Sano with SRP

As a pool cleaning and care service, we are constantly on the lookout for products, services, and events which may help our customers, particularly when it comes to water safety. Over 3500 children per year die in the U.S. each year from drowning. Many of these children drown as a result of lack of supervision or a misjudgment on the part of parents as to how well their child can swim.

The most important thing any parent can do to keep their child safe around water is to teach their child how to swim. Even tiny children who get water safety lessons such as how to put their face into the water benefit significantly. 

Many of these accidents occur in shallow water, even in a bathtub, or in a situation when the child was not supposed to be in the water (such as wandering into a yard or falling from a pier or boat). The number of drowning accidents involving children who know how to swim emphasizes the need to supervise children who already know how to swim.
Not surprisingly, many people lack the skills necessary to teach swimming.  Community pools across the Valley have trained professionals who offer excellent swimming lesson and water safety classes. These classes are an incredibly economical way to introduce children everything from survival following a fall into the water to the mechanics of freestyle and backstroke. 
These lessons are inexpensive, and there is still time this summer to get lessons for every member of the family, from babies (6 months +) to grandparents. 
Also, Salt River Project will be hosting three events in the final weeks of summer: 

These include water safety fundamentals, including CPR demos, games, raffles and free swimming lessons to bring water safety awareness to families and residents. Please call 623-236-5646 to find out more or look here.


  •  On July 1st, this event will be on the west side, hosted by Maryvale pool (4444 N 51st Ave. in Phoenix) from 5-7 PM.
  • On August 1st, the event will be in Mesa at Sunsplash (155 W Hampton Ave.) from 2-5 PM. A discount coupon is offered here for the one-time purpose of the event.
  •  On August 5th in Chandler, the event will be held at the Arrowhead Pool (1475 W Erie St.) from 2-4 PM.

 If you know of a child or adult who can’t swim, we urge you to call a local community pool to find out more about swimming classes, obtain private lessons, or to attend one of the coming SRP-hosted events. Drowning is the second leading cause of death by accident in children.