The Pools at Havasupai Falls


If you ever decide to go exploring outside of Phoenix in Arizona, one of the places you might choose to visit is the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon gets a lot of visitors, not just U.S. visitors, but worldwide travelers. The reason is that the Grand Canyon is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the world.  One of the most beautiful parts of it is all the way at the bottom; it features a series of waterfalls and natural pools.

You can go as part of a tour group or just go on your own. If you take the ten-mile hike to the Havasupai camping area, you’ll need a reservation and a permit from the Supai tribe to camp. Just stop at the Supai village (8 miles down) and pay your fees. There is also a restaurant and small convenience store. It’s two more miles to the camping area.


The campground has a 200 person capacity, and while it won’t be full during peak season on the weekdays, it will be packed on the weekends. Havasu Falls, the middle of five falls of the Havasupai Falls. After the eighty-foot fall, the water is terraced into a series of brilliantly blue small pools. When most people talk about the falls, or when you see a photograph of the falls, this is usually the one. Swimming is allowed, although many people find it more comfortable with swim shoes.


There is a limited helicopter service which operated four days per week in the peak season (March 15th to October 15th.) It runs two days a week in the offseason (October 16th to March 14th) It only runs from 10 am to 1 pm, and visitors are taken on a first-come-first-served basis after check-in and will run until dark if people are waiting. It is $85 per person in each direction.

If you backpack and decide to camp, it’s best to give yourself a day or two down in the campground to recover from the hike down. In the morning, much of the trail is shaded. You can also rent a horse to ride, or a mule to carry your gear, but these have to be reserved about a week in advance of your trip. Camp fires aren’t allowed. The campground is two miles long and has different areas with toilets (composting) and drinking water, and a limited number of picnic tables. If you hike out early, you’ll spend most of the hike in the shade.

You can stay at the Supai Lodge, but need to have a reservation. 


For camping permits:

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