pool repair

Why Hire a Pool Pro?

The reasons people hire a pool pro fall into five different categories. Today we’re going to discuss those reasons and maybe offer some insight into your situation, which may not be as unusual as you think.

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Balancing the pool

Balancing the chemicals in a pool can take some diligence and knowledge. A green pool is one of the more maddening conditions of a pool. Even though it happens from time to time as the result of irregular maintenance or plain lack of experience, having a green pool smacks of long-term neglect.

Balancing a pool after its gone green can be a challenge. When it gets out of control, a professional pool service can return it to optimal condition.


Whether it’s a malfunctioning pump, an electrical problem or there is some other repair problem the owner can’t fix, equipment troubles are another reason people hire a pool company. Sometimes, it can even be something like a leak or a crack in the liner.  But, whatever the reason, when the scope of repairs is beyond the homeowner’s expertise, they call a pool pro for help.

New owners

Sometimes people will buy a house with a pool, and they’re so excited, but then they realize that a pool requires competent care and maintenance. Rather than wasting a second on buyer’s remorse, they hire a pro so they can enjoy their new pool guilt-free.

Busy/Tired of doing maintenance

Some homeowners have children, pets, or sensitivities and don’t want chemicals around their home. Or they don’t want to handle chemicals themselves. If a family is busy, they may not have time to devote to pool maintenance. Sometimes these clients start out as summer customers but realize the benefits make a pool service well worthwhile even in winter months.

Sometimes, a homeowner will do their own pool maintenance, but become tired of doing it and ask a pool professional to take it over, especially during the summer when the high temperatures make any outdoor work less enjoyable.



Sometimes a pool will start to look tired. It may have a few defects, or maybe the homeowner wants a fresh, new look. Not only does a pool pro have all the skills and tools to make this happen, but they may have some suggestions the homeowner overlooked or weren’t aware existed. Things like lighting, fountains, hydrotherapy jets, new trends in tile, and automation are just a few of the options a pool owner might consider. 

Regardless of the reasons a pool owner calls a pro, many find the convenience and expertise provided by a pool pro well worth the investment. Since a pool is a highly visible part of their property investment, some people consider pool maintenance is an essential part of quality home maintenance. 

Regardless of whether you need a one-time consultation, a minimal amount of maintenance, a large or small repair, or a long-term full-service, weekly cleaning maintenance contract, a pool service company can help you have the pool of your dreams.

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