Surprising Elements of Pool Ambiance

What gives a swimming pool ambiance?

Today we’re going to talk about some of the features which make for excellent pool ambiance. If your pool doesn’t have ambiance, some of these may give you ideas on how you can upgrade your pool experience with just a few changes.



Hands down, one of the essential features of pool ambiance is cleanliness. A dirty pool is a disgusting pool, and there’s no reason to suffer with it. If a pool owner doesn’t have the time or expertise to care for their pool, a pool service can do that.

Cleanliness should also extend to the pool decking and the surrounding area.

In good repair

A pool which isn’t working right won’t be clean, well lit, or safe. Pool repair can sometimes be difficult, but there are pros for that, as well.

Water temperature

A cold pool will send swimmers running, so if you’re the kind of person who likes to extend the pool season, invest in a pool heater. There are a variety of models from which to choose. You’ll be the talk of the social group, as well!


Good pool lighting is essential for ambiance, both in-pool and around it. A trick decorators use in the home is to have ‘layered lighting,’ which is lighting that comes from several different sources. For a pool, that means in-pool lighting, lighting around the pool decking, landscape lighting, and more.


Beautiful landscaping may be outside of the pool proper, but it provides the backdrop for the pool experience, so remains essential to pool ambiance. Landscaping can also be extended to potted plants around the pool.

Furniture with UV resistance

Swimmers need a place to sit and enjoy the ambiance while they aren’t swimming, so quality UV resistant furniture is the solution. Whether you buy or make your cushions, make sure the fabric is of sufficient UV resistant quality to handle being poolside.


Swimmers need to get out of the sun when they aren’t swimming, so poolside shade is a must, especially here in the Phoenix area. Whether you choose umbrellas, sail shade or opt to build something more substantial, make sure there is shade available near the pool.

Water features

While water features aren’t essential, they receive an honorable mention for their ability to lift people’s spirits and increase their enjoyment. If your pool doesn’t have a water feature, one can be added. If it does have a water feature, turn it on when appropriate to lock in the ambiance of the pool experience.

A pool is meant to be enjoyed, shared, and valued. When a homeowner spends a little time and money to increase the ambiance of the pool, the pool experience becomes more enjoyable for swimmers and non-swimmers alike.

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