Residential Water Features are Here to Stay

At a party last month, an old landscape designer was telling a story about one of her first jobs.  A community of retired priests asked for an update of their decidedly tired-looking landscaping.

Residential fountains are being offered in new housing communities, such as this one at the new Esencia Del Webb homes in the Rancho Mission Viejo.

Residential fountains are being offered in new housing communities, such as this one at the new Esencia Del Webb homes in the Rancho Mission Viejo.

The focal point of the landscape was a beautiful courtyard with a garden. The community breakfast room featured a full-length window which overlooked the courtyard. The landscape designer added a fountain in the shade of the garden. The old men weren’t happy.

“Fountains are messy. It will get full of leaves. We’ll have to take care of it,” they groused.

“This is the deal,” she told them. “I will do this job for you gratis, but it comes with a fountain. If you hate it, you can take it out.”

More grumbles. There were some concessions on both sides as they finalized the project. The landscape company came and did the installation, including the fountain. 

A month passed. Then two. The old men called the designer and asked her to meet with their representative.  She met with the old priest at a fast food place. They sat and talked. She asked him how they were enjoying their new yard, notably the fountain.

“Ah, yes,” said Father Joe. “That's what I wanted to talk to you about today. The fountain. It’s…” His fingers fluttered. After sixty years of the priesthood, his hand had perfected the art of expression. But his smile said more. 

“Delightful,” he finally said. “It’s delightful. It has the most pleasant sound. Delightfully soothing. The hummingbirds have discovered the water and visit us daily. They’re a source of great amusement. We are truly pleased.”

They were so happy with it, in fact, that they paid her the customary fee in spite of the fact that she had already done the project for free.  

The designer related this story, almost thirty-five years later, because she had a chance to return to the city where the priests lived. She drove by the old place to see how the landscape was faring. The trees she had warned them would get too tall had, indeed, overshadowed the building. (“We don’t care!” said one priest at the time, “By the time they get that big, we’ll be pushing up daisies!”) 

But she also had a chance to peek into the courtyard. There, in the midst of the garden, was a beautiful old fountain, and it was still working. 

If you’re considering a water feature, a pool, or hot tub, do not eschew the idea because you don’t want to hassle with maintenance. Regular full-service maintenance and repair costs are reasonable and can be scheduled in increments that meet the wishes and needs of the homeowner. 

The beauty and joy brought by these water elements continue to make them a favorite option for home improvement in the years to come.

Fountains continue to delight young and old.

Fountains continue to delight young and old.

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