Pool Safety in the Winter

In the winter, pool pros continue to faithfully care for pools which don’t get a lot of use. A pool service keeps them beautiful and in good repair. But, even though pool owners aren’t spending a lot of time swimming, we wanted to take this opportunity to mention something which is never far from our hearts: pool safety.

I vow to never leave your gate unlocked when I come to clean or repair your pool.

I vow to never leave your gate unlocked when I come to clean or repair your pool.

Not only do over 700 kids drown in the U.S. every year, but five times that many end up in the emergency room as a result of non-fatal drowning. Arizona has twice as many drowning incidents as other states, so we need to be twice as diligent. Awareness and diligence are a considerable part of pool safety.

Low use

Winter is a time of low pool usage. In most pools, it’s too cold to swim. Because we aren’t out swimming as often as we are in summer, pool safety can slip to the back of our minds. We lose our edge. Maybe someone forgets to lock the gate, or the pool alarm is inadvertently turned off.


The holidays are the time of year when many pool owners have guests coming and staying in their homes. If your house guests have children, and your pool is directly connected to your house without a gate between the back door and the pool, it’s essential that the back door is secured and locked at all times. Children have a natural attraction to water and can slip away easily when parents are sleeping or otherwise occupied. Don’t let them have the option of slipping out to have a look at that fantastic pool.


Sometimes, a holiday party will be extra fun. You know, the kind where everyone has a little bit to drink, and then maybe a bit more. When someone has had too much alcohol, it’s genuinely acceptable for the host to ask them not to get in the hot tub or even the pool. It’s not safe or healthy. People who drink don’t always exhibit good judgment, so that’s something a pool owner will want to keep in mind. You’re the boss and have the perfect right to say no or say it’s time to get out.

Pools and spas can be the most fabulous fun in the world, but we must never lose sight of the fact that we have to be diligent when it comes to the safety of those who can't protect themselves. We have to do everything in our power to make sure our pools and hot tubs are safe.

My part is keeping your pool sparkling and in good repair. Your role is making sure your pool is safe. Together, we make a great team. If your pool has a cleaning issue or repair problem, I can help.

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