Gearing up for Summer Pool Fun

By mid-April, a solar water blanket cover can raise the temperature in a pool which gets all-day exposure to 80 degrees. So, as we watch our Phoenix temperatures climb, it’s not too early to start gearing up for the pool season. 

Here are some options which can help make this the best pool season yet!

It's going to be a great pool season!

It's going to be a great pool season!

 Pool area inspection

As the weather warms up, you'll want to physically walk around the pool ahead of swimming season and look for problems or potential problems. When that solar water blanket or pool cover comes off, there will be some debris which may fall into the pool as a result. So, be prepared to shock and vacuum the pool at that time. (More on those procedures later.) If you intend to store the cover, clean it first according to the manufacturer’s directions, and spread it out somewhere so it can dry thoroughly. 


Look up

Look up to see if your lighting, misters, or umbrellas/shade covers need attention. If these items need to be cleaned, serviced or replaced, taking care of them now will be a welcome relief down the road.

Look down

Does the deck need attention? Are there weeds in the grass or granite which have grown as the result of spring rains? Is your garden hose and spigot in good repair? Do the summer annuals need to be planted? Add these items to your list. Now is an excellent time to deal with the calcium build-up around the fill line of the pool. Some people are advocates of an acid gel, some use a pumice stone or you might just call your pool service professional to treat it for you.

Look all around

Pool furniture should be uncovered, cleaned, and repaired if necessary.

Pool furniture should be uncovered, cleaned, and repaired if necessary.

Your pool furniture should be cleaned and examined for splintering, cracks, tears, and rust. Anything which isn’t safe and can’t be repaired should be replaced.

Take a moment to inspect the entire perimeter of the pool fence for anything (rust, broken hinges, etc.) which might indicate it isn’t entirely secure. Do the same with the pool gate, making certain that the locking mechanism and hinges are safe and in good working order.

Do some shopping

Gearing up for the season means having all the best gear.  Let's look at a few ideas:

Not thick and plush, but fast-drying and quite serviceable!

Not thick and plush, but fast-drying and quite serviceable!

Here is a 12 pack of pool towels with the fresh yellow and white stripes for $54. Towels dry quickly in the Phoenix heat, so don’t be shy about getting a towel rack or putting up a clothesline if your HOA allows it. Since damp pool towels dropped on the deck are an open invitation for scorpions and other critters, try this foldable, lightweight drying rack to keep those towels bug-and-dirt-free.  

Is it time to replace those sad, leaking inflatables? 

Sam’s Club has a Tahiti Island ($139) and various six-person rafts (flamingo, unicorn, or peacock @ $149 each.)

Costco has a six-person Caribbean island for $99.

Twelve insulated tumblers in a variety of colors will not only keep drinks cold, but, since each lid is a different color, guests won’t wonder if they got someone else’s beverage. 

If you want better beverage containers for the family, or don’t mind paying a little more, these insulated stainless steel cups run about $20 each and are well worth the money, according to our sources.

We hope this is your best summer ever! As always, if you're going to be on vacation for part of the summer, don't want to mess with maintenance, or have a repair problem, we are here to help.

If you need pool maintenance for your Phoenix, Arizona pool or spa, call us here at Serenity Pools. Our services include new installation set-up, professional maintenance of pools and spas, water features, and fountains. Call today! 480-370-0579.