Do you Need a Pool Alarm?

If you have a pool and have had the opportunity to watch kids when they see it, particularly young kids, you’ll notice that they’re mesmerized by the sparkling blue water. Considering it’s true of adults, as well, no one is surprised. A pool combined with a young child who cannot swim is a dangerous combination.


But, watching a child 24 hours a day is an impossible task. People who don’t have children don’t quite grasp the effort it takes to provide round-the-clock supervision of a child from birth onwards. Even those of us who have older children forget quickly how much effort it was. Children are bright, with an agenda which includes discovering how to get at the gorgeous blue pool.

Fortunately, there are a variety of alarms which can offer a layer of protection against unwanted intruders in your pool and pool area. While these shouldn’t be used exclusively, because anything can fail, it’s just one more blockade between your child and disaster. Here are some types of alarms to consider:

Motion detectors

There are several types of motion detectors available from which to choose for the pool or pool area. A motion detector alarms if there is something near or in the water. Some of the types of alarms a pool owner can install are listed below.

A gate alarm

A battery-operated alarm sounds an alert if someone enters the gate which surrounds the pool. It can also be used on a door which leads to the pool. There is a bypass button for an adult to use it. If the door remains open 10 seconds after they use the bypass, the alarm will sound. At 120 dB, it’s loud enough that it can be heard from a long way.

Motion detector on the surface of the water

A motion detector buoy which floats on the surface and will alert the pool owner via cell phone if something enters the water, and also sounds an alarm at the pool, pond, or jacuzzi. The sensitivity can be changed, as well.

Some floating alarms can have the alarm located somewhere other than the pool.

Motion detector in the water (subsurface)

This immersion alarm is attached to the pool coping and detects the splash from items dropping into the pool, such as a child or pet.

Personal immersion detectors

A personal immersion detector, worn by the child or pet, will alert the adult if the child goes into the water. This individual approach works of a pool alarm isn’t practical.

A pool owner should have a clear plan of what they’re trying to prevent before purchasing an alarm. An alarm to alert for strangers using the pool is entirely different than one for a child or pet. By deciding on what is most needed before buying, a pool owner is more likely to get the right alarm.

If you’re considering a swimming pool alarm, or an alarm for your pond, jacuzzi, or another water feature, talk to us. We can give you some tips on how to get the best alarm for your situation.

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