Autofill for Your Pool

A popular upgrade for many Valley pools is an autofill, or water leveler as it’s sometimes called.. An autofill works by keeping track of the pool level and filling it as it becomes necessary. An autofill works similarly to the float in a toilet. After the toilet flushes, the float makes sure that the level returns to its correct level. The homeowner never has to drag a hose over to the pool, turn it on, and then try to remember to shut it off before the pool overflows.


Protects the pump motor

An autofill is handy because if the pool level gets too low, the skimmer will start to suck air and the pump motor for the pool filter can burn up. Arizona desert heat evaporates pool water levels fast, and it’s easy to forget the pool needs to be filled. An autofill is just one of those pool upgrades which makes life a little easier.

Convenient for the pool cleaning service

The pool pump and filter work in tandem with the water level, as well. When vacuuming or backwashing, the water should already be at a certain level. The autofill makes cleaning more manageable because the pool is never low.

The cannonball kid

When the Scout Troop comes over to swim, the choppy water can confuse the autofill float gauge about the correct level of the water. During visits from more exuberant swimmers, the pool owner may want to turn the autofill off, so it doesn’t start and stop filling continuously.

What if there is a leak?

Most homeowners say that protecting pool equipment from burning up due to evaporation is a much higher priority than worrying about a pool leak. Why? Because a pool is more likely to get low than it is to leak. In the event of a leak, the water bill will tip off a homeowner if the constantly-running autofill doesn’t. While this may seem drastic, remember: the likelihood of a leak is minimal. The inconvenience of having to run a hose to the pool continually makes it a well-rewarded risk.

Can it overflow?

The risk of the fill valve getting stuck and overflowing is minimal; however, as with a leak, because it is so unlikely, homeowners say an autofill is exceptionally worthwhile.

If you’re considering having an autofill added to your pool, give us a call. We can install that for you and set it to an optimal level. It will be one more way to protect your pool motor and an exceedingly convenient means of keeping to pool water level at an optimum.

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